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Brooks Utopia 2 Mittens review $38

Brooks Utopia 2 Mittens review

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These Brooks Utopia 2 Mittens are soo wonderful.  For when the temperatures drop below 20ish and the wind gets brutal, sometimes the regular fleece gloves just aren’t enough.

These are great because they are two pairs in one: first a removable fleece liner mitten which is nice in itself, then a thin wind-protecting layer that adds a great level of insulation.

Usually my hands end up getting super toasty and even during several -10º runs these mittens have kept my hands warm.

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  1. These continue to be my go-to hand coverings for my coldest winter runs, keeping my hands toasty even with wind chills dipping below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ll also still use just the fleece liners during less-intense cold. Love these mittens!

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