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Deerfly Patches review $8 for 12

Deerfly Patches review

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Let me start by saying that deer fly patches are not a gimmick!  I was definitely skeptic myself, but they definitely work.  Yes, it’s flypaper that you wear–so what?  They come in 2×6 inch strips with a mildly-sticky side that sticks to your hat and then a very sticky side that faces up to capture the deer flies.

-Definitely attracts and captures deer flies.
-They are sticky enough so the wings stick too, so you can’t hear/feel flies buzzing while stuck to you head.
-Definitely bitten less than usual.
-Relatively inexpensive (12 patches for $8, 40/$20, 80/$35, or 200/$80) especially for the salvation they offer.  Even better if you can get away with cutting them up and only using 1/4 to 1/3 a patch at a time (see Test #2 below)
-Sticks well to hat and comes off just as easy (doesn’t leave any residue from tape)


-You have flies stuck to your head.
-Not much of a fashion statement.


Test 1: 11 mile run consisting of mainly country gravel roads with about 3 miles of paved country roads.  75º and overcast with not much breeze around 11am.  Ran shirtless.  Full strip used.  Result: 23 deer flies caught, and 1 silly house fly.  Still bitten 2-3 times total on back/neck.


Test 2: 5 mile run on half country paved roads and the other half on country gravel roads.  65º and sunny without much breeze at 8:30am.  About 1/4 of a strip used and ran with shirt on.  Result: 21 flies caught and no bites!


Trail test(s) coming soon!


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