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Hoka OneOne Clifton 3 running shoes review $130

Hoka OneOne Clifton 3 running shoes review

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(See comments at the bottom for DrToothy’s review of the women’s version!)

These Hoka OneOne Clifton 3’s are yet another pair of wonderful training shoes. The first couple of miles I was astounded with the soft cushion until my body adjusted and I no longer noticed–like running on clouds! I had run in the Clifton 1’s before but it had been longer enough ago that I forgot just how comfortable they were. At the time of writing this review I have literally a hair under 100 miles on them (99.8!) and I have been really liking this newest model.

I’ve had them everywhere–lots of pavement, but also grass and trails too and they’ve kept my legs and feet happy. Light and responsive but also super cushioned–a great combo for a training shoe. While I can obviously do my long, slow distance in them, I can also just as easily pump out a speed workout in them too, which is pretty darn cool.

The only difference from the original Cliftons I can notice is that Hoka moved from a really thin tongue in the original back to more of a traditionally-tongued shoe. I rather liked the thin tongue of the original, but this new model seems to working just fine.

Overall this has been another great trainer from Hoka–I will report back with any further thoughts once I max out the miles on them or have any other epiphanies in the meantime.

Weight: 8.60 oz (for a size 9)

Heel-to-toe drop: 5mm

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  1. As I have said before, I am very partial to running in one shoe, and one shoe only (Newton Gravity). But I gave these Hoka’s a try because I thought it would be nice to have some extra padding now and again. I have been alternating between these and my Newton Gravity’s now on a regular basis. The extra height, due to the extra cushion, took me one run to get used too. I was at the beginning of my first run in these shoes with my dog, and she moved fast and I felt slightly unstable and tumbled over real quick. But after that I got used to the feel and have felt very stable and comfortable in them (and no more tumbles!). The extra cushion is nice. I was not sure if I would be able to tell a difference, but I can and it is nice. I have been running and biking a lot more lately and adding these shoes in my running mix has helped give my legs a little break and bounce back fast.

  2. I have a couple hundred miles on these shoes now and I still really enjoy them. I cycle between these and my other Newton’s. These shoes are still comfortable and it feels like I’m running on a pillow. I have not felt unstable on them since my initial run. I have not switched completely to these shoes because running 50/50 in these and my Newton’s has been a good balance on my legs. I would definitely recommend these shoes for anyone looking for something new, or who is having some running pain and is trying to find a pair of shoes that will give them some comfort and still be a good durable running shoe.

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