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Men’s Asics GT-1000 4 running shoes review $100

Men’s Asics GT-1000 4 running shoes review

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The Asics GT-1000 4 are the latest model in a time-proven line of Asics neutral running shoes. (Previously reviewed models in the same line include the GT-1000 2, GT 1170, and GT 1160, but I have been running in this line literally my entire career. I remember 1040’s and 1050’s, and I’m sure I had models before those.

Preliminary, as I have only worn them once out of the box so far, these continue to be a solid shoe. I went for just a few road miles to start breaking them in today, and will definitely report more of my thoughts on them down the road.

So I used to tote these as my go-to neutral trainer. However, after putting these on after burning through both a pair Hoka One One Cliftons and also a pair of Newton Fates, these Asics just don’t seem as special as they used to. Out of the box the Cliftons and Fates were both super comfortable and responsive. The GT-1000 4’s, while well cushioned and padded, felt stiff as a board, comparatively. Now this may mean that they are just a lot more supportive, but perhaps since I have transitioned to a forefoot stride versus my old heel-strike that I no longer need as much support. Also, time will tell as I break them in with a few more miles if they get to feeling less stiff. Even walking around in them thus far post-run they just feel like they were super stiff.

Now I also realize it’s not a completely fair comparison. The Fate’s, although a trainer, are much more flat-esque, and the GT-1000 4 is definitely not meant for that at all. I have just found it a lot more convenient for my trainers to be a lot more well-rounded now. Also, the heel-to-toe drop is higher in the GT-1000 4 than both the Clifton and the Fate, which would also contribute to the clunkier feel (at least on first impression).

Overall the shoe is still a solid trainer, and will probably prove to be just fine once better broken in, but I’ll surely report back. I hate to be so down on a shoe that has always been there for me for years and years. It doesn’t really have poor features at all–I’ve just found a couple others that seem to be working even better now.

Weight: 11.4 oz

Heel to toe drop: 10mm

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  1. Update from day 2 of the shoes and they already feel a lot better! They are a lot less stiff and more comfortable. I also took out my heel cups (mentioned here for why I’ve been using them for quite a while now), but feel as if I probably don’t need them any more anyway, plus these shoes already have a much higher heel than I’ve been running in lately anyway, so there probably isn’t a need at least to use them with this pair. I’ll check back again in maybe a couple weeks or so once I get some variation of distance and terrain on these to see how I really feel.

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