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Newton Gravity V running shoes review $175

Newton Gravity V running shoes review


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Heel-to-toe drop: 3mm

newton gravity v 1 newton gravity v 2

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  1. This model is very similar to the Gravity IV model. The only main difference I have noticed is the tongue of the shoe. The Gravity IV had a very thin tongue that was attached to the shoe so it didn’t slip down. The gravity V tongue is thinner than the average tongue of a running shoe, but is thicker than the Gravity IV and it is not attached to the shoe the way it was in the last model. In both models, the tongue design seems to work fine. Besides that, they seem like the same shoe. Which I appreciate, because this is my “go-to” shoe because it has kept me uninjured the last few years and the consistency of the shoe helps me stay that way. This model has 5 lugs, which started with the last model. The only reason I knock them down half a star is due to the slightly high price tag.

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