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NipEAZE nipple guards review $7

NipEAZE nipple guards review

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Useability
  • Comfort

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I have been a huge fan of using Nip Guards for quite awhile now. Although they’re manufactured locally (Ann Arbor, MI), it’s the only product of its kind I’ve used and they weren’t always effective (wouldn’t stick well and/or would come off mid-run), so I decided to try a couple other brands. This one and Mr. Nipple.

These worked pretty well–they always stuck and stayed on and were cheaper per pair than Nip Guards, but ultimately the Mr. Nipple brand won out for the following reasons: the guards were larger and fit better over my nipple piercing to keep it held steady, stuck even better, and also were even cheaper yet ($9 for 50 pairs!).

These are $7 for 15 pairs compared to $10 for 10 pairs of Nip Guards.

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