About Me

Hi and thanks so much for visiting Epic-Run.com!

Quickly, about me: I’m 29 years old and have been running for over 14 years now.  I live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I love training, racing, cross training, and just staying active.  I really enjoy racing middle distances (5k through the half marathon), but am currently training for my 5th marathon (hopefully my 2nd Boston qualifier).

A friend suggested I add some minor credentials: I’m a mid to low 17’s 5k’er (PR in the mid 16’s but not there currently…), sub-3 marathoner, and my continuous-days running streak (1 mile minimum) is currently over 12 years and rising. I’ve stayed pretty much injury-free, aside from a few minor hiccups along the way. Please let me know if you’re curious about anything else about me personally.

In short, I have decided to create this site because I love running–from the individual training, to the social aspect, to competitions (races!).  I am by no means an expert on anything, but I do feel very confident and comfortable with my own training and practices and I would like to share some of my accumulated “knowledge” and insight.

Some day, I hope to build a real community where us runners can share ideas and experiences through various topics that we enjoy talking about or want to know more about.

I encourage others to offer their own opinions and insight on the various topics and products that I discuss.  Although I offer completely honest reviews, please keep in mind they are all still just my opinions.  Just because something is working for me, it may not work for you (but I truly hope that it does!).

I want to help find the answers to your questions so that you too may have an EPIC RUN (many, many epic runs, actually!). Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] if you’d like a question answered or a post written about a particular subject.

Please comment whenever you feel the need–other opinions are encouraged and very welcome.  Also let me know what I am lacking–I’m always up for ideas for new content, although I do have quite a bit I still plan on adding.

Happy trails (roads, paths, track lanes, sidewalks, etc!) to you!



Special thanks to all friends and family who have supported (put up with?) my obsessive passion over the years.  Thanks JW for suggesting I start this site. Thanks SS for all your help with women’s products and reviews.