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Bird Hills and Kuebler Langford Nature Areas

Bird Hills and Kuebler Langford Nature Areas

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: Newport Rd. just north of M-14,and Beechwood Dr. off of Sunset Blvd

Pedestrian entrances: Newport Rd. just south of Bird Rd., Bird Rd. just west of Huron River Drive, and off of Huron River Dr. just northwest of Main St.

Terrain: Bird Hills is mainly hilly and rolling dirt trails.  Fair amount of rocks, roots, twists, and turns.  Some wider, grassy trails in Kuebler Langford Nature Area.

Bird Hills Nature Area and Kuebler Langford Nature Area are two lovely connecting pieces of land in northwest Ann Arbor, just across the river from Barton Nature Area.  Bird Hills is more thin dirt trails with lots of technical footing and tree cover, while Kuebler Langford offers more grassier and open trails.

Points of interest: Bird Hills in general is just really pretty and you really get a feel of being out of town despite being super close.  It’s got the best offering of hills right in town (although followed close by The Arb.)

Bird Hills Nature Area Map PDF of trails.

Kuebler Langford Nature Area Map PDF of trails.

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