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Bluffs Nature Area

Bluffs Nature Area

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: None, but you could park across the road on Lake Shore Drive at Bandemer Park and just run in from there. (However, I suggest just running ALL the way there from wherever you’re coming from 🙂 )

Pedestrian entrances: The only one that I am aware of is on North Main St. just south of Lake Shore Dr.

Terrain: Mainly mildly rough and technical single track dirt.  Plenty of rocks, roots, twists, and turns (RRTT!), and some gravely footing at time.

Bluffs Nature Area is small but it’s fun.  It’s got some solid ups and downs and the tight trails (lots of foliage) often keeps it feeling like a ride.  Make the most of it while you’re there and take 2-3 spins around the course to get some mileage in.

Points of interest: It’s all good.

Bluffs Nature Area Map PDF with trails.

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