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Bullfrog Marathon Mist sunscreen review $10

Bullfrog Marathon Mist sunscreen review

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Bullfrog Marathon Mist is a broad spectrum, SPF 50, continuous spray sunscreen. It claims to be water resistant up to 80 minutes, is non-greasy, and sprays on clear.

I’ve used it a few times now and it’s worked decently well. It does spray on clear, however, I was told I was visibly “sweating white” on my back, which was probably some of the sunscreen running down me.

It’s definitely NOT non-greasy. Although I can’t really tell while I’m wearing it (because I don’t tend to touch the areas on myself where I have applied sunscreen), it’s pretty sticky feeling when I am trying to wash it off. It usually takes me 2-3 reapplications of soap to try and get it off.

I really like that the cap has a “twist-lock” cap button–you click it one way and the button doesn’t work. This make for less chance of having it go off accidentally.

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