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Cedar Bend Nature Area

Cedar Bend Nature Area

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: Island Dr. just north of Fuller Park, Possibly on Cedar Bend Dr., and possibly on Hubbard Drive near UM Baits Housing Facilities (not sure about parking rules in the areas of these last two).

Pedestrian entrances: Cedar Bend Dr. off of Fuller Rd. and also off of the parking lot across the street from Mitchell Field off of Fuller Rd. (just east of Cedar Bend Dr.)

Terrain: Lots of dirt and gravel single track that is moderately to highly technical–lots of hills, roots, ruts, switchbacks, rocks, and trail that is often on cliff sides.  Often muddy otherwise messy when there has been recent poor weather.

Cedar Bend Nature Area is a true hidden wonder in my book.  It’s super pretty and has some of the most difficult trail technically that I have run (I see it as a Potawatomi Trail in 1/30th (total guess) the area.  It’s tough but it’s a lot of fun.  I don’t recommend if it’s muddy or icy, because some of the trails become extra dangerous–especially those cliff side trails and switchbacks.

The trails offer miles of opportunity for long runs (my guess is that one could easily do 12 or more miles in a full loop of the park and could easily extend it further by exploring a little).  It’s really a pretty area with a nice variety of woods and fields.  Not a whole lot of the lake is seen from the trails, so I recommend also exploring some of the drives around the lake itself, including the beach and picnic areas, since Lake Ovid is a no-wake lake it’s always always peaceful.

Points of Interest: The whole thing is a beaut, just not big enough!

Cedar Bend Nature Area Map PDF with actual trails.

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