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Eating before a race or hard workout

So everyone is different. Different people have different tolerances for how much they can eat, how soon they can comfortably exercise after they eat, and even what they can eat prior to a tough workout, race, or competition. Toy around with different things!

Personally, if my workout/race is in the morning, I prefer oatmeal with a little fruit in it 2-3 hours before a race. Maybe a cup of coffee tops, otherwise just a little water.  I may eat a banana with 45-60 mins to go just so I’m not hungry at the start. However, if I’ve eaten and start to feel that tingle of hunger (not STARVING) right before a race, I’m happy. That means I’m close or fully digested and can rock out the race without digestive worries.
Another good option for breakfast is peanut butter toast (whole wheat!).  I generally stay away from cereal with milk in it prior to a workout because it doesn’t settle the best, but if it works for you then go for it.
For longer races (10 mile, halfer, marathon) I’ll have a G01 gel 10-15 minutes prior, and even GUs along the way. For a 5 or 10k my breakfast is generally plenty o fuel.
I always try to remember that even if I feel a little hungry before a race, it is no cause for concern. I remember to have confidence that I am fueled. If I ate a solid dinner the night before and ate breakfast today, there’s no reason I should worry about not being fueled. That empty-ish feeling is a sign that I’m all cleared out and ready to rage! Get it!

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