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Hoka One One Challenger ATR 2 running shoes review $130

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 2 running shoes review

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These Hoka One One Challenger ATR 2’s are a rough-and-tough version of the Cliftons (which I loved). They’ve got a more aggressive tread and seemingly lesser airy upper which helps keep the elements out a little better than the Clifton. The 4mm lugs remain unchanged from the first version of the ATR (which I didn’t have the pleasure of trying).

Overall I started using these at the perfect time, as the late-arriving Michigan winter came at me with full force–snow, slush, biting winds, and single-digit (Fahrenheit) temperature. I’ve been super happy to have these throughout all of this and I have no complaints. The grip seems pretty solid, the thin tongue is comfortable, the thin-style laces stay tied, and overall they are a nice-feeling ride.

I’ve ran with them on roads, sidewalks, a few short trails, and grass so far. I look forward to taking them on some more extensive trails as soon as I can, and I’ll of course report back. These have been a great all-terrain shoe so far and I look forward to seeing where they take me!

9.5 oz each.

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  1. I took these shoes all the way through the Michigan winter ringer, putting in just under 400 miles on them before retiring them for the most part (giving them a proper sendoff–a final week of beach runs in Jamaica!).

    Overall I really liked these shoes and considered them a GREAT 2-season shoe (mid-fall through mid-spring). I say this because they seemed to be like a beefier version of the Clifton, having all the great aspects of the Clifton such as cushioning, lightness, and a smooth ride, while also having some extra traction and definitely weather protection. While I appreciated that I could splash through slush, snow, rain, and mud with my feet rarely getting damp, they may have proved to be a little toasty in the warmer running temps (while the Clifton was airy and super breathable).

    So far this has been my favorite winter running shoe yet, as it handled just as good on side walks and paved roads as it did on gravel and trail.

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