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LIVfit Organic Superfood Blend With Protein

LIVfit Organic Superfood Blend With Protein

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This supplement-of-sorts is pretty much a vegan protein with a lot of bonus goodness. I don’t always get all the fruits and veggies I would like due to some dietary restrictions, so I like to occasionally use this in a smoothie (usually with almond/coconut milk, some sort of About Time or Vega powder, MCT (coconut) oil, BCAA powder, banana, other frozen fruits, and usually some other odds and ends).

I would pretty much describe this product as have bland or even no flavor. It blends and mixes well but seems to work best with a blender rather than just shaking/mixing. Overall I’m happy with it and it at least gives me the feeling I’m getting more vegetables, although I don’t really know how much actual veggies a tiny scoop of this stuff actually gives me.


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