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Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles bar review $11

Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles bar review

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The Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles bar is a natural ingredient moisturizing and soothing massage bar. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but it’s pretty awesome.

Basically it’s sort of like a bar of soap (but it’s not soap) that melts at body temperature. So you rub it gently over sore or tired areas (works great on legs and feet, but would be good anywhere) and then just massage the oils in more afterword with your hands (or a buddy’s 😉

Overall this bar feels great–it’s relaxing and soothing, both feeling and smelling great. Treat yourself!

2.4 oz bar, Contains peppermint and cinnamon spice oils.

lush wiccy bar

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  1. I use this a lot for self massage of my muscles. It smells very nice and is relaxing. I have had a hard time remembering to roll or self message a lot in the past. But I started using this Wiccy Bar and the Foot Lotion every night on my tired muscles and I am starting to tell a difference. I rub the Wiccy Bar on my tired quads, hamstrings and calves and then I self-message it in for a couple of minutes and then I put the lotion on top and it is a great combo. Just the Wiccy bar would work too, but I have found the combo is exceptional. I marked it down because of price. It also goes a pretty long ways, but sinse it melts at body temperature you tend to go through it quicker because it is a little harder to control exactly how much you are using.

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