Mr Nipple nipple guards review $9

Mr Nipple nipple guards review

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Useability
  • Effectiveness
  • Price

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I decided to try some new products after not being completely happy with Nip Guards, although I had used them for many years (but without trying any othe products). These were the definite winner but I did try out NipEAZE also.

I liked these best for these reasons:

  • Mr Nipple guards were larger and fit better over my nipple piercing to keep it held steady
  • stuck the best
  • were even cheapest yet ($9 for 50 pairs!)

While I used to use vaseline for shorter runs, it left my shirts stained pretty grossly. I now use these for runs of 3 or more miles (less I don’t seems to suffer any chaffing).

$9 for 50 pairs!

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  1. Still loving these–keeping my nips unscathed without damaging my skin or shirts! I use them for anything 3 miles or above, which ends up being 5+ days a week. Affordable and they work superbly!

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