Newton Gravity 6 men’s running shoes review $175

Newton Gravity 6 men’s running shoes review

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Price

These Newton Gravity 6’s are my first experience, although my wife has loved and used them almost exclusively for years. I finally got my chance and I really dig them too. They are comfortable, breathable, and super snappy–by snappy I mean that they seem to react well with my legs and feet and when I feel like going, they are ready to go! They are almost like a cushioned flat but seem to hold up more like a standard trainer.

Usually when I demo a pair of shoes I try and take them through as many different settings (terrains, conditions, weathers, etc) as I can to really test them. But as it turns out, I got these at a time in my training where I was hitting the treadmill more than I usually do due to inclement weather and lower motivation. So all the miles I’ve done with these shoes so far have been on the treadmill. I have ended up knighting these kicks as my treadmill shoes and they have worked really well for it. Mainly slower miles, but up to at least an easy hour of running and they’ve felt great.

I have no doubt they’d perform just as well on the roads and sidewalks, but right now they are my nice, clean treadmill shoes 🙂 . Check out the other Gravity reviews ,though, and you can see they good in all settings and conditions.

Miles on shoes at time of review: 85 miles

From Newton: Weight • 8.1; Platform • P.O.P 1; Heel-to-toe drop • 3.0mm

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