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Nichols Arboretum (The Arb)

Nichols Arboretum (The Arb)

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Motor vehicle entrances: None officially, but possibly Ann Arbor Arb Drive off of E Medical Center Dr.

Pedestrian entrances: By Mary Markley Dorm and the Ronald McDonald House, Geddes Ave just east of Forest Hill Cemetery, and also through a hole in the fence and across the railroad tracks from Gallop Park (possibly posted/prohibited, enter this way at your own risk & watch out for trains!)

Terrain: Approx 2 miles of gravel and dirt drives as well as approx 3ish miles of dirt single track trail to explore.

Nichols Arboretum, often just referred to as “The Arb”, is a great piece of University of Michigan property nestled between Geddes Avenue, The Huron River, East UM “Hill-Area” campus, and Gallop Park.  It offers gravel and dirt drives as well as a lot of single track trail winding through the forest and fields of the property.

Although definitely still in town, this park is generally quiet and has plenty of scenery (lots of greenery and also the Huron River) and offers a decent mixture of terrain, from wide-open flat field to moderately hilly at times.

The Arb is a great place to get “out of town” for a bit without going too far.  There is also lots of open space for a pick up game of football or tossing a frisbee.  Check out the whole thing in spring while it’s blooming!

Also, no bicycles are allowed (bike racks at the Markley and Geddes Ave entrances) and the park is closed after dark.

Arb Guide and map PDF with trails and some trail distances.

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