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Nip Guards review $9

Nip Guards review

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Nip Guards are exactly what they sound like–little stick-on raised octagonal buttons to stick over your nipples to prevent nipple chaffing.  These work amazing.

I have tried lesser products such as cloth band aids, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), Sport Slick, and athletic tape, among other strategies, and nothing works like Nip Guards.

First of all, they stick, and they stick real good.  I can sweat and run all day and they’re still on when I finish my run, and then I can pop them right now painlessly.  They’re real magic.  (I ran them for an entire raining marathon and they still were on after the finish!)

If I could “Editor’s Choice” this 100 times, I would. (but then you couldn’t see the picture).

They are each one-time use, so a $9 package of 20 total (10 pairs) may seem pricey, but I assure you, if you deal with nipple chaffing, these are well worth the money.  (Tip: I generally just use them on runs lasting over an hour, so I don’t end up going through them too quickly.)

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