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Olson Park

Olson Park

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: Dhu Varren Rd. just east of Pontiac Trail.

Pedestrian entrances: Corner of Pontiac Trail and Dhu Varren.

Terrain: A loop that is paved asphalt path and some other dirt and gravel trails around the area as well and goes at least halfway around the park before connecting with the paved path.

Olson Park is a little park on the north side of Ann Arbor and offers a small amount of land with a mixture of paved paths and dirt paths.  Very low difficulty on all areas.  Fairly scenic with a large pond in the middle of the property.

Points of Interest: It’s all moderately scenic, but I liked the gravel trails on the northwest side of the park the best.

Olson Park Map PDF with trails.

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