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Original Worm review $34

Original Worm review

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After using the Original Worm for a couple weeks now, I can safely say it’s a solid, versatile rolling/recovery tool. It’s a roller comprised of basically 4 larger-sized tennis balls inside a stretchy foam tube and it sure does the trick.

While the product offers over a dozen ways to possibly use it (see pics below), I found it the most beneficial on my feet, achilles, calves, and glutes. I haven’t tried it much for upper body, but just thinking about it now makes me want to. I found it more difficult to roll hamstrings and quads with it being lower to the ground (the rest of my body would sort of drag on the floor around it).

I really like it for rolling my feet while sitting on the couch watching TV and also doing the same while sitting at my desk in my home office. NICE!

The pressure is solid enough to provide what I need to get out kinks, but squishy enough so that it never seems like too much. It’s small enough it would be a good roller to travel with. I shall report back after I use it more in regards to other positions I find it beneficial in and also regarding its durability. Definitely a great first impression with the Original Worm!

The dimensions of this one are 10.5″ x 3″ and they also make a slightly smaller one.

My dog, however, was very interested in it as soon as she see it, so I need to remember to store it up high, otherwise it may become a chew toy…

original worm 1

Use pics provided with product:

original worm 2original worm 3

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