Polly Ann Trailway review

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: Several–check the map!

Pedestrian entrances: Several, check the map!

The Polly Ann Trailway is a 14.2 mile long converted rail-to-trail that goes from Orion Township through the village of Leonard.

Terrain: It’s mainly a crushed gravel-like hard surface with some occasional asphalt.

I ran about 4 or so miles of this out and back (so a little over 8 total) starting near the trailhead on the Orion Township trailhead. It was pretty flat and hard with a few softer sandier portions throughout. Generally high sun exposure at least on this part of the trail. Although occasionally scenic, many portions were either blocked visability-wise by either fences on the side of the path or just too dense of trees/brush to see though.

Saw lots of other pedestrian and bike traffic. It seemed clean and pretty well maintained.

PAT_Lapeer Map PDF


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  1. It’s a nice relaxing run, it does not have the best scenery but it is still nice to get away from the roads and feel more like your away from it all.

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