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RaceReady Active Men’s LD Sixer Running Shorts review $42

RaceReady Active Men’s LD Sixer Running Shorts review

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I was excited to try these RaceReady Active Men’s LD Sixer Running Shorts because I haven’t found any comfortable shorts, belts, or other accessories (or combination) that can hold lots of gu’s/snacks/etc for longer training runs. Honestly, I was a little skeptical of the length, because I’m usually a “shorter the better–just give me a loincloth!” kind of guy, but these really worked well.

For my first test I went out for an easy 16 miler and packed the 4 back pockets with 2 8-oz water bottles (one on each outer back pocket), a package of Gu Chomps, and a small Gu pouch. The full water bottles were immediately too uncomfortable for me (they fit and held fine, just too much bounce for me). So I just carried the small bottles in-hand, but did stash them in the back pockets comfortably once empty. The two empty bottles and gus all rode quite comfortably and almost were unnoticeable.

The longer length actually worked out well. During longer runs, sweaty shorts and thighs sometimes start to chafe, and the longer length kept them from riding up in that area and everything was smooth sailing. I still like my loincloths, but perhaps I’ll change this mentality for longer runs.

I stuck a small gu in one of the front pockets on a long run and actually forgot it was in there it rode so well. Although they seem perhaps large enough for a cell phone or larger-sized gu, I’m not sure it would ride as smoothly. They seem also good for something like a single key or other smaller snack.

Overall the comfort was pretty good, but somewhat snug on the hips, but I think this is key to support all the pockets in the back.

I will comment more on durability after more uses–either way I’m proud to have something actually manufactured in the USA!

Specs: 6” inseam, 4 patented rear mesh pockets + 2 front pockets, MicroMove and CoolMax Fabric


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  1. These shorts have held up super well and they are still one of my favorite shorts to wear for long runs. I appreciate the longer length for long runs (even though I’m definitely a short-short kinda guy most of the time) and obviously the pockets and pouch areas always come in handy.

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