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RaceReady Active Women’s V-Notch Running Short review $39

RaceReady Active Women’s V-Notch Running Short review


3″ inseam, 5 patented rear mesh pockets + 2 front pockets


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  1. These shorts are great. They are a bit longer than I normally wear for shorts, but it’s a great length for longer runs. I don’t have to worry about chafing at all. They fit a little higher on the waist than a lot of my other shorts also, but its still comfortable and it seems to make the pockets lay better, especially when they are full. They wick away moisture very well and don’t ride up when damp. They are also very thin, so you can barely tell you have them on. I have ran in them with a gu in a front pocket, a gu in the back and a cell phone and I could barely tell I had anything in my pockets. The pockets close good enough with just the elastic that pulls them tight. But there is a middle back pocket that has velcro in the middle, that is the one I put my cell phone, an iPhone) in. It never fell out and I forgot I even had it, it barely bounced around at all. I was very impressed. These are great shorts for any type of run, but especially for those longer runs when you need to take more with you, but do not necessarily want to carry a belt with you. And I find the price reasonable, I have many shorts that don’t have near as much practicality that cost more.

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