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RaceReady Men’s StreamLine Technical Running Shirt reveiw $31

RaceReady Men’s StreamLine Technical Running Shirt reveiw

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Price

The RaceReady Streamline Technical Running Shirt is a pretty standard mesh- (100%) polyester running shirt, except that it has front and back sewn-in headphone channels.

The headphone channels are indeed the key feature of this product, and they work really well. I fed my iPod Shuffle in from the top (front), gave the shirt a little shake, and it popped out of the bottom. Clipped it on my waistband and away I went.

The shirt itself is comfy. I thought the neck hole felt a little small when I first tried it on, but I didn’t notice it further and it was quite comfortable. The mesh breathes well and the shirt is well priced and I really appreciate that it’s American-made.

The headphone jack itself worked great. No cord-flopping (outside or inside my shirt), didn’t get caught on my flailing elbows as I dug down deep, and remained comfortable throughout even a speed workout where I was really churning.

This was a good idea as a feature for a shirt, and this is definitely a solid shirt to wear when I feel like blastin them tunes. I can see it also being great for biking, as I would even less like my cord to get caught on something while cycling. I can see this being a unique gift idea for the runner that has everything.


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