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Rose Lake Nature Area

Rose Lake Nature Area

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: Small dirt parking lots off of Woodbury just north of I-69 and also on Peacock Rd in between Clark and Stoll Rd.

Pedestrian entrances: There may be other on-foot-only entrances but I don’t know exactly where they are.  I use the parking lots always.

Terrain: Mainly single track or wider dirt paths, a good deal of sand, rocks, roots, trees in the path, and parts of decent hills.  A few creek crossings and mud that can be messy depending on recent weather.

Rose Lake Nature Area is actually a block east of the “greened nature” area marked on the map.  The area marked as a nature area has a gun range and I’m not sure what pedestrian entertainment it has to offer.

Although contained in a mere country block of land, this area offers a lot of diversity–from flat to rolling paths, to twisty and hilly trail, to a few good looks at creeks and ponds, this is a good place to easily get 6 or more miles in (My guess is that running all around the outside is roughly 6-7 miles).

Points of Interest: I enjoy the series of hills toward the western to northwestern side of the park.

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