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RumbleRoller Compact Original 12″ review $45

RumbleRoller Compact Original 12″ review

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The RumbleRoller Compact Original 12″ is the travel-version of the RumbleRoller Full-Size Original 31″.

Overall it’s a very similar piece as the larger version  but fits well in a suitcase. As mentioned in the 31″‘s review, I prefer it over the compact size’s slightly smaller diameter–for some reason the bigger one just feels a bit better. However, I definitely don’t utilize all of the 31 inches, so if the compact one had the same diameter, I would probably prefer that one.

RumbleRoller Compact Original 12″ is the smaller of the two pictured below (pictured with RumbleRoller Full-Size Original 31″)

rumble roller travel rumble rollers rumble rollers (2)

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