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RumbleRoller Full-Size Original 31″ review $70

RumbleRoller Full-Size Original 31″ review

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The full size original RumbleRoller is just the meat grinder I kneaded [sic]! Ooh… it hurt so good! Now, if you’ve never foam rolled, I would definitely suggest first graduating from a softer roller (or a succession of rollers), but because this one is definitely on the aggressive side.

Once you’re used to a more aggressive roller, this one is awesome! I love it on my achilles, calves, hammies, quads, and booty. Since I don’t roll my IT band/hip as much as I should, it’s yet a little too hard on that area for now.

It’s definitely made with quality and hasn’t shown any sign of wear or breaking down, and I don’t anticipate it to. I’ll surely check back in should I notice anything.

This is clearly the next level of the avid roller fan. I favor it over the compact version mainly for it’s slightly larger diameter, which you can see here.

RumbleRoller Full-Size Original 31″ is the larger of the two pictured below (pictured with RumbleRoller Compact Original 12″)

rumble roller full size rumble rollers (2)

rumble rollers


  1. This roller will tenderize your muscles!! But its awesome. The first couple of times I was definitely sore and very careful when using it. But I could definitely tell a difference even after one or two times of use. It hurts, but it’s definitely a good hurt. My legs are tired a lot because I run and bike quite a bit, and this helps to get “the tired” out. I would definitely recommend this, especially if you do use a regular foam roller and you are starting to get to the point where it still feels good to roll but it doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s doing as much as it used to or could.

  2. I continue to use the Rumble Roller almost every day and my life is better because of it. It feels so great and helps my legs recover quicker and feelin fine!

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