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Sigvaris Compression Sleeve Give-away: 11.05.13-11.12.13

Sigvaris Compression Sleeve Give-away: 11.05.13-11.12.13


Who doesn’t love free stuff (especially when it’s a great product!)?

Here’s how to get your hands (legs) on a free pair of compression calf sleeves:

1. Go to and see if it’s something you’d be interested in (read both reviews!).

2. Feel free to like Sigvaris’ FB page.

3. To be included in the random drawing to win a pair, leave ONE comment on THIS page. (please reserve comment space on the product page for actual product discussion, only comments here will be counted.)

Yes, you have to create a login name for my site, but it’s to help keep too many spammers from leaving comments. It’s free and it doesn’t take long and, hey, you might get something free out of it. You won’t get any junk email from me for creating a login. Plus, it’ll be easier for you to contribute comments to any other discussions down the road 🙂

For some reason, when you first register for the site  it will not send you a password. Just go to the “forgot password” link from the registration page and they will send you one. Sorry for this extra step–I’m looking into fixing it.

Again, ONE comment/entry per person. Those who leave more than one comment for any reason on this page won’t be considered for the drawing. Once the time period is over, one person will be selected at random. I’ll post the winner and contact them through the email address he or she registered with to get sizes and shipping information (and color preferences). (Don’t fret if your comment doesn’t show up immediately–it has to be approved first…another spam precaution. Give me a day or two, but don’t worry, if submitted within the time period, you WILL be counted! 🙂

Thanks to all who participate and for reading our reviews. Good luck!

PS. Be sure to follow my FB, Tweeters, and IG for possible other sweet give-aways in the future!


  1. I want some pink ones to go with my plethora of pink shoes 🙂

  2. Finally! Got logged in for some fancy-smancy compression sleeves! Really, though, your review has convinced me to up my compression apparel.

  3. I am definitely a fan of compression gear for long runs. I currently use Zensah leg sleeves, but would be willing to give Sigvaris a try.

  4. Never tried compression gear, but everyone swears that it works! I suppose that if it’s good enough for a runner as strong as Jeremy, it’s good enough for me!

    Great review! Think they’ll eventually move to full leg compression wear?

  5. I’ve always been told to try compression for recovery. Would be excited to try! Thanks Jeremy!

  6. I’ve heard too many good things about compression sleeves to continue to think that they are a gimmick. I suppose it might be time to give them a try.


  7. I love compression for recovery, but after reading some reviews about wearing them on long runs, I’m itching to try! Great site btw

  8. Why should my husband get to have all the fun in his compression socks? I’m in!

    Also, I did receive a password when I registered, but it got filtered to spam so I had to go find it.

    I hope that doesn’t count as two comments :/

  9. Congrats to user Canis_North on winning the random drawing! I’ll contact you via email shortly. Also thanks to all that entered for participating. Remember, every time you like or reshare a FB status (or tweet or IG) of mine, you become that much more awesome!

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