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Stio First Light Jacket review $105

Stio First Light Jacket review

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Price

Stio Meridian™ Stretch Mini-Ripstop, 100% Nylon, 20 denier, 46 g/m2 with 80/20 DWR

The Stio First Light Jacket is a great running jacket that provides solid wind protection on those cool and colder blustery days. It’s also very comfortable and helps keep me warm, and the color is pretty fly. The one chest and two regular pockets seem sufficient.

My only complaints are that the women’s jacket has thumb holes in the sleeves but the men’s jacket doesn’t, which kind of makes me jealous. Also, there are a couple small reflective strips each on the front and back, and I would really like to see this more extensively–safety first!

Either way it’s a solid jacket–I’ve used it in the 40’s just over a tshirt, and I’ve used it in the teens with a blistering wind layered over a tshirt and wool long sleeve layer. It kept me comfy.

Women’s jacket:


Men’s jacket:



  1. I really like this jacket, and I love the color. It works well in many different types of weather. I’ve worn it on very windy days, and it protects well against the wind. I have worn it on very cold days (below 20 degrees F), and it worked well with a warm base layer underneath. It keeps you very warm, so you do not need to wear a whole lot under it, even when its very cold. There are also thumb holes on the sleeves. I have found that the sleeves are very small at the wrists. I actually like this because then it doesn’t ride up my arms, so they stay warm and my gloves can fit under or over the arm holes. The arms are small enough though where you can’t really put your watch under the sleeve and role it back to look at it. But I am fine with that, because I like to wear my watch on the outside when I am wearing a jacket. I would recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a running jacket, because it is very versatile and it is even comfortable to wear casually also.

  2. This jacket continues to be a solid outer shell layer for these cold running days. I cycle it pretty evenly with my other running jackets and always feel good while using this one.

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