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Tog e’ – Go – Bog e’ race review

  • In-Race Support
  • Atmosphere
  • Post-Race Festivities
  • Course

Location: Ovid, MI

Time of Year: Early March

Distance options: 5k

Year(s) completed: 2013, 2014


I did this race with my pops because it was close to home and we were looking for a winter event.

Overall this was a pretty good small-town race. It was well organized, had a tech long-sleeved shirt (unexpected and not bad for only a $15 entry fee!), had a good atmosphere with lots of friendly volunteers.

The course was a single loop around a country block, above half paved roads and half dirt roads. Footing was definitely poor, as the roads weren’t clear of ice, especially the dirt roads, but this should be expected in a winter race out in the country. I honestly can’t remember if there was water on the course, but I think there might have been–it was so cold and the course was only a 5k, so I wasn’t worried about getting a drink in.

Post-race festivities were pretty good with lots of food (including home made chili, but unfortunately for me it was not vegetarian).

I’ll definitely do this one again if and when I’m looking for some winter fun.

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