Asics GT-1000 5 running shoes review 100

Asics GT-1000 5 running shoes review

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The Asics GT-1000 5 is the 5th edition of this timeless 10-series of basic Asics neutral running shoe. They seem as solid as ever–ready to go out of the box–at least on my feet, which have ran in almost every remodel of this line for longer than the last decade and a half. I can’t tell you the difference from the last pair except that that feel and look a little fancier, but they feel like the same ol great kicks. I only have 42 miles on them so far, but I am confident I’ll be able to rock 400+ in them as usual in a variety of terrains and conditions. They seemed hearty enough in this lovely 10º mid-Michigan weather today!

From Asics: Weight: 10.4. Heel Height: 22mm. Forefoot Height: 12mm.

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  1. I’m now on my third pair of 1000 5’s so obviously they are working out for me. I have them cycled in with a bunch of different shoes right now, including Newton Fate 2’s, Hoka OneOne Challenger ATRs, Hoka Clifton’s, Hoka Speed Instinct’s, and I have a new pair of Saucony’s on the way also. As mentioned before, I always keep my go-to 1000’s around as a comfortable fall-back trainer.

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