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Sheeldz Shoe Covers review $35

Sheeldz Shoe Covers review

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Ever put a piece of duct tape or two over the top of your airy running shoes in the winter to keep out biting wind, snow, sleet, or other weather-related grossness? Well these Sheeldz Shoe Covers are meant to be a vast upgrade from the ol’ duct tape trick. And as far as I can tell thus far, these babies are legit! I am definitely one to often finds my feet getting cold during winter runs, even with decently thick wool running socks on.

They are (from the Sheeldz website) “waterproof, neoprene covers that strap onto the toe box of your mesh running shoe, to block the snow, rain, and wind.” The strap is supposedly a rubber-coated elastic and they seem both very sturdy (since you’re essentially running on them) and the velcro holds tight (no sign of it coming unattached or even loosening during any of my runs yet!).

Now I’ve only went for three runs so far (2 different 5-ish miles in wet, icy, windy, and slushy city sidewalks and roads and also on a 6 mile trail run this morning), but I could definitely tell the difference these made, as they helped hold the heat in my shoes during my run and kept my toes quite toasty.

So far I’ve got no complaints (okay, one complaint: although they have a hint of reflectivity on them, they could definitely benefit from more!). I shall report back as the winter running here in Michigan finally gets into full swing (maybe?) and I can really test the longevity of the shoe covers. The straps seem to be thick and sturdy enough to take a beating, so I hope that holds true. For now, though, I’m definitely sold!

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  1. These are easy to use and definitely help protect your feet from the elements. I was skeptical before trying these, because I really didn’t think that they would do much. But they helped to keep my feet warm and dry. My last run was 30 degrees out with a windchill below that and I was running on mostly dry pavement, but I did run through a couple of puddles and in some slushy areas, and my feet stayed warm and dry. Amazing! And the strap on the bottom holds up very well. If you run often outside in cold and dreary conditions, I would definitely recommend looking into these, they may help make those drizzly days into better running days.

  2. So this product continues to amaze me and make my winter running so much better. Last night I did a night run with my local running club with -3 degree (F) temps, horizontal snow, and whipping 25mph winds and my feet stayed completely cozy warm the whole time, even INTO the wind. Love love LOVE these–I hope the straps hold up, as they are already showing a little wear.

  3. I still continue to use these for most of my chillier (in the 20ºF-ish and colder range, varying with that good ‘ol windchill, of course) Michigan winter outdoor runs and LOVE my Sheeldz. These are still the best of this type of product I’ve found. I am on my 4th winter now with my original pair and they’ve been on many, many cruel-conditioned runs. The rubber bands/straps are starting to show some decent wear by now, but no where near where I’m worried they will break, and the velcro is still holding strong every single time. These are easily one of my favorite running accessories and I tell everyone I can about them. They without a doubt help keep winter running fun and I almost never even have to worry about my feet getting cold even in the coldest conditions.

    Some fellow runners ask me, “Why not just get some gor-tex running shoes for winter?” Well, for many reasons: for starters, I am lucky enough to have quite a few different pairs of running shoes that I cycle through depending on many factors each day, so I love that the Sheeldz are easy to transition from one pair of shoes to the next. I’m not stuck with the one or maybe two pairs of gore-tex shoes that are also certainly WAY more expensive than a pair of these gems. Also, in my limited experience with gor-tex running shoes, I’ve found them not very breathable with my feet overheating quite easily. Sheeldz help keep my feet dry, warm, and comfortable without overheating.

    I can’t say enough about this simple yet amazingly useful product!

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