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Axis 12-inch Foam Roller by OPTP review $10

Axis 12-inch Foam Roller by OPTP review

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This is the second foam roller that I’ve ever owned and it may very well be the last because it’s so good!

It’s cheap and SUPER durable.  I’ve put a lot of work into it (or it’s put a lot of work into me!) and it hasn’t lost any of it’s form in the slightest.

For those who haven’t foam rolled, I highly recommend it–it’s done wonders for my recovery.  I roll every day regardless if I’m sore or knot (sic).  It just makes me feel great!

This is a great tool for self-massage.

The only down side of this particular one is that it’s pretty short.  They also come in an 18-inch and 36-inch options.  I’d probably recommend the 18-inch for most people.  It’s about the perfect size.  Luckily I’m not a very big fella and I can fit on top of the 12-inch’er alright.

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  1. This thing as held the test of time, in just as good of shape today as when I bought it. I still use it occasionally, when not using my Rumble Roller (for maximum meat-grinding), and it still works wonderfully.

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