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Body Back Buddy by Body Back review $40

Body Back Buddy by Body Back review

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  • Versatility
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The Body Back Buddy is a Swiss Army Knife of self-massage tools. It’s an S-shaped plastic tool with 11 various knobs designed to assist self-massage for all areas of the body.

Overall, it works surprisingly well. It’s nice to use while I’m sitting watching television or taking a break at work–it helps work some of the kinks out. I can easily use it myself to reach all areas of my back.

It comes with a small booklet that demonstrates many ways to use it, as well as a diagram of suggestions on how to use the various knobs in specific locations. It also comes with a diagram of various trigger points on the body to help guide you to use the tool.

Overall this is a handy  tool and I look forward to using it more.

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