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Furstenburg Park

Furstenburg Park

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: Off of Fuller Rd. across from the west Huron High School driveway.

Pedestrian entrances: From a path leading from Gallup Park (between the canoe livery and the motor vehicle bridge)

Terrain: Mainly dirt path with some paved asphalt pathing, all pretty flat, with a few wooden boardwalks and bridges.

Furstenburg Park is a small area of land on the Huron nestled between the Huron River, Huron High School, and Gallup Park.  It has some nice view of the Huron and just offers some fun semi-winding dirt paths it it’s little patch of land.  It’s good to pass through or make a side-stop while visiting Gallup Park.

Points of Interest: I like the dirt paths and follow the Huron River.

Furstenberg Nature Area Map PDF with trails.

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