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Leslie Woods Nature Area and Stapp Nature Area

Leslie Woods Nature Area and Stapp Nature Area

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: None technically, but the first two listed below have parking in the near vicinity.

Pedestrian entrances: The end of Upland Dr. north of Murfin Ave, the end of Lake Lila Ln. in the Willowtree apartments area, off of Traverwood Drive, and off the corner of Huron Parkway and Teubingen Parkway.

Terrain: Mainly dirt single track, with a little grass.  A few rolling hills, mainly wooded, with fairly technical footing (rocks ‘n roots).

Leslie Woods and Stapp Nature Areas both surround Leslie Golf Course and are fairly fun little parks off the north side of Ann Arbor.  The woodsy and cushy but moderately technical terrain are either a quick distraction mid long-run or a good change of pace for a short day.

Points of interest: It’s all pretty much the same, but worth taking a lap or two around every so often.

Leslie Woods Nature Area Map PDF with trails.

Stapp Nature Area Map PDF with trail.



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