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Paint Creek Trail review

Paint Creek Trail review

  • Difficulty
  • Scenery

Motor vehicle entrances: Several–check the map!

Pedestrian entrances: Several, check the map!

Terrain: It’s mainly moderately wide gravel with some asphalt, generally about eight feet wide.

The Paint Creek Trail is an 8.9 mile linear park that travels from downtown Lake Orion to Rochester.

I ran about 4 miles out on this trail starting at the downtown Lake Orion trailhead (and then back for about 8 miles total). It’s pretty scenic with lots of woodsy sights and smells, including lots of views of the creek for which the trail seems to generall follow. There was lots of pedestrian and bicycle traffic with lots of friendly people saying hello. Although lots of sunny spots, there were also lots of shaded and patchy shaded areas. It was clean and seemed well maintained.

This was a nice trail that I would definitely like to see more of! I’ll be back for sure.

Points of Interest: It’s a pretty path in general with lots of forested views and glimpses of the creek.

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  1. It’s a nice trail with decent scenery. There can be a lot of people on it at times, especially since horses are allowed.

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