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Shoe Hoodies review $22

Shoe Hoodies review

Shoe Hoodies are a protective cover for the forefoot of your shoes designed to keep coziness in and bad weather out. A lot of running shoes are quite breathable–which is a good thing until the weather gets bad. Then wind, rain, and cold cut right through most running shoes.

They attach with small strips of strips of adhesive Velcro that you cut and apply yourself to the edges of your shoes–it was pretty easy. Let them sit a day for the stickiness to set in, then you’re good to go to stick the Hoodies on top of your shoes.

Overall they seem to work pretty well and do what they’re supposed to–the Shoe Hoodies stay put pretty well–even when I put them through the ringer. I ran on un-shoveled trail and sidewalk after a solid snow and was completely breaking trail. The Hoodies stayed put for 7 of that 8 mile run–one got a little wet eventually and the Velcro didn’t stick so well and came off and I had to carry it the rest of the way home. I haven’t had any issues since, and I don’t generally run that many miles in such tough conditions. All other runs they’ve stayed on fine and my feet were definitely noticeably more insulated throughout the run.

I will definitely continue to use these throughout this winter season and report back any further thoughts if I have any. Through a handful of winter runs they are definitely helping me so far!

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