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Sleepy Hollow State Park

Sleepy Hollow State Park

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Motor vehicle entrances: Two official park drives off of Price Rd., and dirt parking lots on Shepardsville Rd. between Price and Jason Rd., at the intersection of Jason and Upton Rd., on Upton Rd., and at least one on Taft Rd.

Pedestrian entrances: One trail crossing on Price Rd. between Shepardsville Rd. and the western park entrance, and at the intersection of Upton and Price Rd.  May be others along the outside of the park.

Terrain: Very much a mixture of grassy field mowed paths, dirt single track, and wider dirt paths.

Sleepy Hollow State Park (surrounding Lake Ovid) is a large area with lots of trails located northwest of Laingsburg and southwest of Ovid.

The trails offer miles of opportunity for long runs (my guess is that one could easily do 12 or more miles in a full loop of the park and could easily extend it further by exploring a little).  It’s really a pretty area with a nice variety of woods and fields.  Not a whole lot of the lake is seen from the trails, so I recommend also exploring some of the drives around the lake itself, including the beach and picnic areas, since Lake Ovid is a no-wake lake it’s always always peaceful.

I recommend picking up a detailed map of the trails to get the basic layout and really explore the different areas, especially if you’re not looking to check it all out in one go.

Points of Interest: I really enjoy the wooded trails and scenery of the southern area between Price and Jason roads, and also northeastern trails have some good hills with great views of some grassy fields.

SleepyHollow_Trailmap PDF with trails


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