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Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner leash review $38

Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner leash review

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Price

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Alright, the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner leash is a great idea and a great product! Finally no more “leash arm” while running with your dog–take it hands-free with the Stunt Runner! It consists of a waist belt for the runner connected to a shock-cord-like leash that connects to your pooch (it could connect to a collar, but I prefer to use it with the over-the-shoulders harness). The connectors are all metal except the runner’s belt buckle is plastic (see pics below). The least seems to be a nylon-like material. The whole thing is definitely user-friendly. Overall it has made running with the dog a lot more enjoyable.

Comfort wise, it’s overall really good. The nylon is slick, so the belt rotates around your waist pretty well as needed. When I wear it with a shirt, my shirt slowly rides up over the leash belt, so I need to pull down my shirt every so often (otherwise the belt will rub against my skin, which I don’t think is ideal.. could lead to chaffing). However, I have worn the rig shirtless, and the belt primarily rubs against my shorts (I wear it low and looser, kind of at a slight down-angle). I’ve worn it up to a 3 mile run with our hound so far and it remains pretty comfortable. Also, the shock cord works pretty well when your dog juts out crazily at a distraction or makes a sudden (and unannounced, how rude!) potty stop.

It seems well-made like it’ll last awhile. I’ll update durability info as it gets even more use.

It also seems pretty versatile, and I expect to use it in all-weather conditions. I’ve used it on trails and sidewalks. I like that it’s easy to unclip from the dog, for those situations where I may be going in and out of off-leash-friendly areas. In these cases, I unclip from the dog-side and just carry that end in my hand. I just leave the waist belt on until it’s time to hook her back up since it’s light and not really in the way.

Other Specs:

  • Flexible Connector (kind of like shock cord) between you and your dog (stretches from 37″-55″)
  • Black metal D-ring on waist belt slides to preferred running position (waist belt adjusts 26″ – 42″)

Pictures in action coming very soon!

Overall rig:

stunt puppy stunt runner 1

Whole rig hooked up to just a collar:

stunt puppy stunt runner 2

Waist belt buckle (For around runner):

stunt puppy parts3

Runner waist belt to dog leash (shock cord leash) connection:

stunt puppy parts2

Connector to hook to dog’s collar/harness/etc:

stunt puppy parts1

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