Vega Proteins and Greens Drink Mix review $24

Vega Proteins and Greens Drink Mix review

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I first purchased the vanilla flavor of Vega’s Protein and Greens drink mix because I was just looking for a dairy-free calorie supplement at a time when I had been unwell and unable to eat a lot of normal foods with much success. I definitely seem to have an intolerance to dairy, so I was glad to find this vegan (see ingredients below) option right at my local grocery store (Kroger!).

Now the flavor is not by any means spectacular, but it’s not horrible either. I have tried it just mixed with non-dairy milk and also with water, and it’s definitely better with milk. I’ve also added it to a non-dairy milk and frozen fruit smoothie, which has been the best option for slightly disguising the flavor.

I haven’t tried any other vegan protein powders, but this seems to do the job just dandily. I am open to suggestions for others to try!

vega protein and greens vanilla 

vega proteins and greens chocolate flavor 

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